Conference Presentations
2022 International Studies Association – Northeast
“Modern Imperialism: An Interpretive Analysis of the Peace Corps”

2022 International Studies Association – South
“The Securitization of Development in Mongolia”

2020 American Political Science Association
‘The Limits of Gender Equality’, Co-Author with Laura Sjoberg

2020 APSA Interpretive Methods Short Course
‘Modern Imperialism: An Interpretive Analysis of the Peace Corps’

2019 International Studies Association – Northeast
‘Between Discourse & Practice: Incorporating a Theory of Subject Formation in Analyses of Securitization’

2018 International Studies Association – Northeast
The Securitization of Development: USAID and its Governmental Technologies in Afghanistan’

2016 International Studies Association – Northeast
‘The Good Shepherd and The Bad Shepherd: A Genealogy of the Peace Corps from 1961-2016’

Peer-Reviewed Publications
‘The Diplomatic Ambitions of the BRIC States: Challenging the Hegemony of the West’
Journal of International Relations and Foreign Policy, Vol. 2 No. 2, pp. 1-18

‘Power and Representation in Global Governance’
Journal of Power, Politics, & Governance, Vol. 2 No. 2, pp. 1-17

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters
“Discourse Analysis”, Co-Author with Laura Sjoberg in Mitchell Brown, Shane Nordyke, and Cameron Thies, eds. Teaching Political Methodology,Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing (2022)

“Feminist Theory”
Co-Author with Laura Sjoberg in Jamie Frueh, Jacqui Ala, Micahel Murphy, and Paul Diehl, eds. The Handbook on the Pedagogy of International Relations Theory, Palgrave MacMillan (Forthcoming)

Other Publications
Book Review: Development Discourse and Global History: From Colonialism to the Sustainable Development Goals by Aram Ziai in Mongolia Studies (Forthcoming)

‘Conceptualizing and Assessing the State of Democracy in the World Today’
Published by E-IR.

‘Assessing How Far Democracy in South Africa is Liberal or Illiberal’
Published by E-IR.

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