Conference Presentations
2020 American Political Science Association
‘The Limits of Gender Equality’, Co-Author with Laura Sjoberg

2020 APSA Interpretive Methods Short Course
‘Modern Imperialism: An Interpretive Analysis of the Peace Corps’

2019 International Studies Association – Northeast
‘Between Discourse & Practice: Incorporating a Theory of Subject Formation in Analyses of Securitization’

2018 International Studies Association – Northeast
The Securitization of Development: USAID and its Governmental Technologies in Afghanistan’

2016 International Studies Association – Northeast
‘The Good Shepherd and The Bad Shepherd: A Genealogy of the Peace Corps from 1961-2016’

Peer-Reviewed Publications
‘The Diplomatic Ambitions of the BRIC States: Challenging the Hegemony of the West’
Journal of International Relations and Foreign Policy, Vol. 2 No. 2, pp. 1-18

‘Power and Representation in Global Governance’
Journal of Power, Politics, & Governance, Vol. 2 No. 2, pp. 1-17

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters
“Discourse Analysis”, Co-Author with Laura Sjoberg in Mitchell Brown, Shane Nordyke, and Cameron Thies, eds. Teaching Political Methodology (Forthcoming)

Other Publications
Book Review: Development Discourse and Global History: From Colonialism to the Sustainable Development Goals by Aram Ziai in Mongolia Studies (Forthcoming)

‘Conceptualizing and Assessing the State of Democracy in the World Today’
Published by E-IR.

‘Assessing How Far Democracy in South Africa is Liberal or Illiberal’
Published by E-IR.

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